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Hostporium is not your traditional hosting company.

Hostporium is not what you'd call a traditional hosting company. We are not a Fortune 500 company with cubicles and morning staff meetings. Hostporium is a web hosting company run by experienced professionals with day jobs and with a passion for amazing websites.

Hostporium offers affordable website hosting solutions that can get website ideas started quickly by having instant website applications. Our services are driven by website automation technology, open source software, and website solutions that are practical and easy to use.

Whether you're new to the Internet or a hard-core web developer with years of experience, you'll love the powerful features and simplicity of Hostporium.


Hostporium features hosting automation technology.

Hostporium features hosting automation driven by technology with feature rich, easy to use, practical applications.

Our company is based in Canada with carrier class hosted infrastructure located in United States. The infrastructure features hosting industry standard technology with next generation data center design, construction, redundancy, security, and operation.

Hosting solutions runs on Linux-based servers with Apache web servers, cPanel (control panel) to manage websites, and Fantastico add-on scripts to easily install popular open source website software, in just a few clicks. FTP access to upload and manage your website files is also available.

Widely-used general-purpose scripting language PHP with Zend Optimizer, Ruby on Rails, and Perl is available. Extremely popular database MySQL comes with phpMyAdmin interface. Image software suite ImageMagick is available.

Hostporium has fast and reliable websites since the servers are never over-crowded and the services are never over-sold.


Hostporium is proud to have talented people.

Hostporium is proud to have extremely talented people who love websites. We share the common traits of ambition, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. We understand the deficiencies of other hosting companies and work together to make our company different.

Our hosting technology experts are continuously evaluating the latest web applications and tools to provide our clients the best quality hosting service at an affordable cost.

Our support experts are committed in providing our clients the best support possible using innovative online support strategies.

We all love hosting great websites that go beyond what people formerly expected of websites.